Possibilities for female entrepreneurs are growing, and HBOR’s loan programmes for female entrepreneurship contribute to this trend. Besides, the Republic of Croatia is one of few countries that has the Female Entrepreneurship Development Strategy. In accordance with the action plan for the implementation of the Strategy, the purpose of HBOR’s loans is to promote the establishment and development of economic entities majority owned by women.

By HBOR’s funds, female entrepreneurs can finance 100% of investment in the amount of up to HRK 700 thousand at an interest rate of 2%. For larger investments, all other HBOR’s loan programmes are also available to them.

With HBOR’s support, they can do what they like to do

Ana Štefanec and Snježana Punčikar are masters of early and pre-school education and they have recently become start-up female entrepreneurs. After having worked in their profession for several years, they decided to start up a kindergarten fit for children, parents and employees. They followed the idea of ennobling children’s striving for knowledge by using modern materials and technologies in order to modernise the activities of early and pre-school education. HBOR’s loan enabled them to do what they like to do. They invested in the renovation of and equipment for the kindergarten and purchased furniture, didactic and technical equipment necessary for optimising the educational process.