Beijing, 5 and 6 September 2019 – HBOR’s representatives participated in the Sustainable Development and Financial Cooperation Seminar organised under the China-CEEC Interbank Association. The Seminar was opened by Ms Tamara Perko, President of HBOR’s Management Board, who is at the same time also the President of the Board of Directors of the China-CEEC Inter-Bank Association.


Significance of Sustainable Development Concept and of Dealing with Climate Change Confirmed

The significance of sustainable development concept and of dealing with climate change was confirmed at the Seminar that was attended by approximately 30 representatives of banks from eleven countries. Seminar participants also stressed the significance of cooperation and of exchange of information on experiences and project finance success stories contributing to the development of green economy.


The Seminar is the result of the Cooperation Initiative of the China-CEEC Interbank Association to promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprises that was signed by all members at the meeting of the Association that took place in Dubrovnik in April this year.


The signed Initiative highlights the readiness of the members to jointly strengthen financial cooperation and provide support to small and medium-sized enterprises in sectors such as infrastructure, agriculture, tourism, energy efficiency, environmental protection, information technology and biotechnology. Furthermore, the Initiative emphasises the significance of, and the need for, exchanging information and experiences among the members on success stories in the field of SME finance as well as on the risks and the opportunities for risk mitigation in the financing of small and medium-sized enterprises.


About the Association

The China-CEEC Interbank Association was established at the end of 2017 at the initiative of the China Development Bank (CDB). Today, it has 14 members: financial institutions from the Central and Eastern European countries and the People’s Republic of China.


The purpose of the Association is to establish effective cooperation between the People’s Republic of China and the countries of the Central and Eastern Europe aiming to strengthen economic and financial interaction among the members and foster economic development, export and investment.


Besides HBOR and the China Development Bank, the members of the Association are development banks of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Romania, North Macedonia, the Slovak Republic, Slovenia and Serbia.