The 17th International Conference on Export Promotion organised by Hrvatska banka za obnovu i razvitak (HBOR) took place today in Dubrovnik. Conference discussions covered the trends and developments in international markets focusing particularly on commercial and political risks. The main topic was export credit insurance as the key element in business internationalisation. Besides, 20 years of HBOR’s operations in export credit insurance was marked at the conference.


This year’s conference gathered numerous representatives of Croatian exporters, domestic and international export institutions and banks, whereas Mr Zdravko Marić, Minister of Finance, participated in the conference as the representative of the Government of the Republic of Croatia.


“Exports represent a significant part of Croatian economic activities, and I would like to stress that exports are the healthiest segment of our economy. Our exporters face various challenges, and it is therefore essential to find a solution for supporting them. In our opinion, HBOR is a crucial institution providing support for Croatian entrepreneurs in their efforts to find an adequate answer to the challenges of the contemporary moment,” said minister Zdravko Marić and stressed the significance of exports for Croatia and for its market opening as well as its adjustment to the European and global economic circumstances.


Ms Tamara Perko, President of the Management Board of HBOR, put a special focus on EU funds and new financial instruments as new strategic guidelines for HBOR’s operations and pointed out that HBOR would continuously endeavour to provide exporters as much EU funds as possible.


“Two decades ago, we started to insure the payment of export receivables that we implement for and on behalf of the Republic of Croatia and until today, HBOR has become an unavoidable partner to Croatian exporters. This is also confirmed by figures – so far, we have insured more than eight thousand export transactions in the amount of HRK 26.4 billion. In the past several years, HBOR’s insurance policy has become one of important export cycle tools,” said Tamara Perko, President of the Management Board of HBOR.


The participants in the panel discussion under the name “Export Credit Insurance as a Key Element of Business Internationalisation”, along with the Minister of Finance and the President of the Management Board of HBOR, were Mr Vazil Hudák, Vice-President of the European Investment Bank, Mr Ivan Bahun, President of the Management Board of Končar-električna vozila d.d., Mr Niek van der Beek, Head of Business Development and International Relations of Atradius Dutch State Business and Ms Beatriz Reguero Naredo, Chief Operating Officer of CESCE (Spain). All participants agreed that there was a lack of competitiveness in the market, and Mr Vazil Hudák emphasised that Končar and Rimac as innovative companies promoted competitiveness and innovations.


Also, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between HBOR and Atradius Dutch State Business, the Dutch state agency for export credit insurance. This cooperation will enable joint operations, exchange of experience, know-how and contacts between the two countries.