If you are an exporter of goods or services with annual export turnover of up to EUR 2 million or an entrepreneur delivering goods or rendering services to a buyer abroad for the first time ever, you can arrange with HBOR an insurance policy for your export receivables.


By the insurance policy, you can protect yourself against non-payment by foreign buyers with whom you have agreed upon the deferral of payment of up to 180 days.


In HBOR you can insure your cash receivables against foreign buyers that you want to insure, and insurance policies can be arranged for one or several foreign buyers.


In case of non-payment by the foreign buyer, indemnity is paid to you by HBOR.


What are the advantages of an insurance policy?


  • You can insure up to 95% of receivable amount per foreign buyer;
  • You are insured against non-payments caused by non-market and temporarily non-market commercial and political risks;
  • You can arrange each sum insured from € 1,000 to € 50,000 towards each foreign buyer, depending on your needs;
  • Waiting period of 3 months is a warranty of the indemnity payment in short term;
  • Simple and fast manner of arranging an insurance policy with minimum administrative obligations, and fixed price of insurance known in advance.


Based on preliminary risk assessment, HBOR can provide free of charge and unbinding information on possibilities and terms and conditions on insurance for each foreign buyer.



General Terms and Conditions