Loans to private renters

The Agreement between the Ministry of Tourism and HBOR signed in February 2019 enabled lending to private renters through commercial banks: Agram banka d.d., Croatia banka d.d., Hrvatska poštanska banka d.d. and Podravska banka d.d.


The goal of the programme is to equalise the standard of accommodation facilities in which hospitality services in households are provided, to raise the overall level of quality and additional offer of private accommodation and, ultimately, to improve capacity utilisation and strengthen tourism throughout the year.


The Ministry of Tourism subsidizes the interest rate in the amount of 1.00% p.a. for the entire loan term, which means that ultimately the interest rate for the borrower is 2% on loans approved in HRK indexed to EUR, i.e. 2.7% on loans approved in HRK.


Loan Terms and Conditions



Natural persons – citizens-renters, who at the time of loan approval have a decision of the competent office on the approval for providing the following hospitality services in the household:

  • Accommodation in a room, apartment, studio apartment or holiday house, up to a maximum of 10 rooms, or 20 beds
  • Accommodation in a camp with up to a maximum of 10 accommodation units, i.e. for 30 guests at a time


  • To equalise the standard of accommodation facilities in which hospitality services in the household are provided
  • To raise the overall level of quality and additional offer of private accommodation
  • Better capacity utilisation and prolonged tourist season



Harmonisation of the Facility with the valid conditions prescribed for the type and category and the arrangement of additional offer of the facilities, for:

  • Renovation, adaptation and equipping of existing facilities (rooms, apartments, studio apartments, holiday houses, camps) that obtained a decision on approval for providing hospitality services in the household before 1. 9. 2007, according to the then ordinance for facilities, provided a new decision on the Facility categorisation has been obtained
  • Improving the existing offer of the Facilities within the same categorisation
  • Renovation, construction and equipping of indoor and outdoor pools, wellness, construction and equipping of necessary infrastructure and ancillary facilities for cyclotourism, sports and recreation and other additional facilities, as additional offer with accommodation services in the household (excluding the purchase of mobile equipment and vehicles, e.g. bicycles, canoes, kayaks …)



The loans are not intended to build new and increase the number of existing accommodation facilities

  • To refinance existing loans of Final beneficiaries
  • To reimburse the Final beneficiaries’ own funds invested in the Project




Loans are contracted:

  • In HRK from HRK 20,000.00 to HRK 375,000.00 – the agreed interest rate is 3.70% p.a.
  • In HRK indexed to EUR from EUR 2,600.00 EUR do 50,000.00 EUR – the agreed interest rate is 3.00% p.a.

For each loan, the Ministry provides support (subsidy) to the Borrower and pays to the commercial bank a portion of interest in the amount of 1.00% p.a., fixed. The subsidy is paid for the entire term of the Loan (during the disbursement period, grace period and Loan repayment period)



The Ministry will subsidise the interest rate, provided that the Final beneficiary submits to the commercial bank a notarised blank debenture to ensure due fulfilment of obligation assumed on the basis of the right to a subsidy from the budget, in which the Ministry is designated as the creditor and which will amount to the prescribed first amount higher than the total amount for the subsidy highlighted in the repayment plan for an individual loan



Up to 12 months from the date of conclusion of the contract between the bank and the borrower



The minimum repayment period is 13 months, and the maximum 10 years, including a grace period of up to 12 months



Via commercial banks that signed a co-operation agreement with HBOR


Agram banka d.d.

Croatia banka d.d.

Hrvatska poštanska banka d.d.

Podravska banka d.d.



After the investment in the Facility has been completed, the Borrower is obliged to submit to the commercial bank immediately, and no later than 90 (ninety) working days from the expiration of the Loan disbursement period, a new decision on the categorisation of the Facility or a certificate of a certified engineer on the present situation in accordance with items from the list of expenses (investments in pools) or other relevant documentation, from which it is evident that the funds will be used for the purpose in accordance with the Loan Contract