HBOR provides insurance of short-term receivables against non-market risks (buyers coming from non-EU member states or non-OECD countries). For the insurance of marketable risks, HBOR has, together with OeKB, established the Croatian Credit Insurance J.S.C., a company specialised in insuring receivables among business operators that arise from the sale of goods and services. For more information, please click here…(where)
If you are an exporter of consumer goods and if you have, with your foreign partner, agreed the payment terms of up to 180 days, your payment collection insurance policy can protect you from commercial and political risks. By managing risks in this way, you contribute to the safety of your business in the foreign market.

Insurance can be provided for:


  • Individual shipments to one buyer abroad (Single-Buyer Insurance Policy)
  • Shipments to more buyers abroad (Multi-Buyer Insurance Policy)
  • Entire export turnover (Whole Turnover Insurance Policy)


The most common risk that arises on the part of the foreign buyer is the risk of illiquidity that may sometimes cause delays in the settlement of obligations towards the exporter, or even bankruptcy, which can seriously jeopardise the collection of payment.

Benefits of an export credit insurance policy for the exporter:


  • Protection of operations
  • Possibility of selling on deferred payment terms
  • Strengthened competitiveness and consequently increased sales
  • Easier access to new markets (reduced risk)
  • Transfer of a portion of default risk to the insurer
  • Easier access to the sources of finance


Since the buyer’s inability to settle its obligations is difficult to predict in advance, HBOR’s insurance policy providing cover for the collection of export receivables is one of the very effective ways of preventing or reducing the occurrence of a loss.