Efforts are always rewarded

With HBOR’s support, we managed to draw EU funds and, today, we produce quality wines for true wine lovers.
Kristina Pinkert
Pinkert Winery

In the period 2014 – 2020, EUR 10.6 billion were allocated for Croatia from the proceeds of the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESI).


Role of HBOR in the utilisation of EU funds proceeds


With the goal of promoting the utilisation of such proceeds, HBOR has developed special loan programmes by which candidate projects for some of the ESI funds programmes are preliminarily financed or co-financed:


  • Operational Programme „Competitiveness and Cohesion“ that supports investments relating to research and innovations, ICT industry, promotion of entrepreneurship, environmental protection and energy, transportation, through works, purchase of equipment and technical assistance. The sources of proceeds are the European Regional Development Fund and the Cohesion Fund.
  • Operational Programme „Effective Human Resources“ that supports investments in strengthening of employability, social inclusion, struggle against poverty and education. The source is the European Social Fund.
  • Rural Development Programme 2014 – 2020 that supports the development of Croatian agriculture and rural areas in general, and the source is the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.
  • Operational Programme for Fisheries 2014 – 2020 that promotes competitive, environmental, economically sustainable and socially responsible fisheries and aquaculture. The source is the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund.
  • National Programme in Support of Wine Sector 2014 – 2018 supporting the increase in production of quality wines and competitiveness of wine producers, modernisation of wine-growing techniques and new investments in infrastructure of wineries. The source is the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund.



In HBOR, it is also possible to submit an application for a loan for necessary funds for the preparation of project and other documentation that, in case of a loan approval for investment into project may be replaced by a more favourable, long-term loan.


Pinkert Wines – efforts awarded every year


The wine story of Pinkert family started at the beginning of the 20th century in a small basement of a family house in the vicinity of Suza community in Baranja.


They cultivate 200 ha of land, of which 12 hectares of vineyards, and are the fourth largest private producer of grapes and wines in Baranja. The winery produces eight varieties of wines, and its efforts are awarded at national and international competitions every year.


They have been using HBOR’s funds since 2010. The latest investment supported by HBOR was investment in the winery’s equipment and marketing, for which the winery received also EU grants and the funds under the programme Financing of EU Rural Development, Fisheries and Wine Envelope Projects.


Kristina Pinkert, the manager of the winery, proudly points out: “Our family’s wine journey has been gradually developed from generation to generation, and every generation has been guided by the objective of putting all efforts in the production of quality wines for true wine lovers. Today, we produce high quality wines of different varieties. Our philosophy is driven by the idea of maintaining neat vineyards, and we are proud to say that our vineyards are among the most beautiful vineyards in Baranja. We are particularly pleased that our endeavours have been supported by HBOR.”


Where to find information on published competitions?


All Calls for the submission of project proposals financed out of the Structural (European Regional Development Fund and the European Social Fund) and the Cohesion Funds are disclosed on the Internet pages of the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds: www.strukturnifondovi.hr.


All Calls for the submission of project proposals to be financed out of the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund and the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund are disclosed on the Internet pages of the Paying Agency for Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development: www.apprrr.hr.


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