For the purpose of establishing scientific and development cooperation aimed at promoting primarily the employment of students, especially those at the final stage of their studies, the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management of the University of Rijeka and HBOR have signed the Agreement on Scientific and Development Cooperation.


Expected effects of the established cooperation are manifold, and relate to mutual providing of scientific, professional, business and organisational services and exchange of business-relevant information regarding the possibilities of enhancing business relations and cooperation.


Besides, the cooperation between these two institutions will contribute to the implementation of thematic research studies, the organisation of seminars, educational programmes and conferences, the gathering of scientists and experts and the initiation of other forms of business cooperation that are covered by the activities of HBOR and the Faculty.


The cooperation starts by HBOR’s workshop “In 7 Steps to a Loan” to take place on 14 May 2018 that is targeted at the students of the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management with an objective of providing basic knowledge in and understanding of the process of applying for and obtaining loans as sources of finance for developing business operations, analysing loan applications and increasing financial literacy in order to be able to run a successful business independently.