HBOR Agriculture

Recognised market opportunities

HBOR funds enabled the extension of our capacities and growth of business results
Nikola Velicki
RABO d.o.o.
Agricultural production is one of the foundations of the economic development of the Republic of Croatia. However, a large portion of potentially rich agricultural land is still unexploited. Therefore, HBOR directed a part of its activities to the loan programmes for the promotion and development of agricultural production. It is possible to extend loans for preparing agricultural production, but also for investment into fixed assets: equipment, livestock, land and construction facilities or into perennial plants. Agricultural producers also have at their disposal the loan programme for the completion of funding plan for projects that are financed out of the EU funds.

Continued development with HBOR funds

A successful example of development of agricultural production and use of market opportunities is the company Rabo d.o.o.

The company RABO d.o.o. from Kneževi Vinogradi with some hundred employees is one of the most successful in fruit production. Although not all plantations have reached maturity, the company produces more than 7,000 t of apples and nectarines per year on approximately 115 ha of orchards in Baranja. They also produce around half a million of fruit plants that are almost entirely intended for exports. Investments that the company realised in the last several years have also contributed significantly to its successful operations.

In 2013, the facility for fruit warehousing, packaging and processing was constructed through HBOR funds, which enabled the necessary completion of the cycle from the production to the final buyer. Beside significant investments in the technology of fruit production, investments in warehousing, sorting and packaging capacities are those that enabled the company to create additional value, provided long-term sustainable market position, but also created the preconditions for penetrating foreign markets.

Export orientation of the company also contributes to its successful operations – the company’s products are sold not only in the countries in the region, but also in the countries of the Middle East, Africa, Scandinavia, Egypt, Italy, Germany, Lithuania etc. „Whether we will further expand or not does not depend on our ambitions and wishes exclusively. This will depend primarily on to what extent we will be able to create preconditions for recognition and realisation of numerous market opportunities in the future through our production continuity, high quality of products, recognisability and further investments, and this will inevitably result in the desired organic growth of the company and its business“ – says the owner and the director Nikola Velicki.