1. Eligible beneficiaries

Private sector business entities - companies, crafts businesses, sole traders, family farms, cooperatives and institutions as follows:
  • micro, small and medium-sized business entities
  • mid-cap entities.

Public sector business entities - units of local and regional government (municipalities, cities and counties - hereinafter: ULRGs) and companies, institutions and agencies owned or majority-owned by ULRGs and/or the Republic of Croatia.

2. Lending purpose and lease assets

Financing of finance and operating leasing for the following new or used lease assets:
  • equipment
  • machines
  • commercial vehicles
  • personal vehicles used for commercial purposes, i.e. used primarily for the performance of registered activity or particularly marked and adjusted for the performance of such activity
  • vessels
Financing of VAT is not eligible.

3. Manner of financing and submitting finance applications

  • In cooperation with leasing companies - Application and supporting documentation are submitted by leasing beneficiary to leasing company.

4. Amount of financing

  • Amount of financing and own share of leasing beneficiary are determined by leasing company.

5. Currency of leasing

  • EUR

6. Interest rate

  • Interest rate charged to leasing beneficiary is determined by leasing company.

7. Fees

  • Fees charged to leasing beneficiary are determined by leasing company.

8. Repayment / lease period

  • Repayment/lease period for leasing beneficiary is determined by leasing company, provided that repayment/lease period cannot be shorter than two years for micro, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs and mid-caps and five years for public sector entities.

9. Security

  • Instruments of security for leasing beneficiary are determined by leasing company.

10. Related documentation / Schedules

11. Leasing companies Co-operating with HBOR on Programme

Erste & Steiermärkische S-Leasing d.o.o.
OTP Leasing d.d.
Raiffeisen Leasing d.o.o.
UniCredit Leasing Croatia d.o.o.



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