HBOR FRC2 Croatia Partners
FRC2 Croatia Partners SCSp is a venture capital fund partly funded with ESIF Financial instruments as a part of co-operation with the European Investment Fund. The Fund is managed by the fund management company FRC2 GP S.a r.l. HBOR is one of the investors in the fund, but does not participate in the selection of companies the fund will invest in. The fund consists of two components: Acceleration component intended to innovative start-ups that have only business ideas (Start-up school) and prototype (Accelerator) and Venture capital (VC) component intended to companies that already operate and have initial buyers and that have already passed through the first phase of development. Applications can already be submitted for both components.

Amount of investment

The amount of investments in individual companies depend on the development level and range from EUR 10,000 through „Start-up school“ to EUR 1 million through VC investments.

To whom are the funds intended?

The fund will invest in companies located in Croatia in the earliest stages of development that have necessary innovation and drive to succeed.

Who can entrepreneurs address to?

e-mail: web: