HBOR Corporate Social Responsibility


Under its corporate social responsibility activities, HBOR invests in the development of society also through grants and sponsorships, where it gives priority to projects associated with HBOR’s mission that contribute to the creation of new values based on knowledge and cultural and natural heritage with an objective of enabling sustainable and balanced development of all areas of the Republic of Croatia. The goal of awarding these funds is to create a favourable atmosphere and promote excellence in local communities and society as a whole.


In its work as an export bank and export credit agency of the Republic of Croatia, HBOR, when considering loans and/or export credit insurance, encourages all participants in export business to respect the principles of corporate social responsibility by considering issues of environmental protection, human rights and sustainable export credits. more...


Through its operations, HBOR supports systematic, sustainable and balanced economic and social development. When developing our finance programmes and special loan terms and conditions as well as when establishing our target groups, we take into account balanced and sustainable social development and environmental protection. We are aware of multiple influences we have on our clients, partners and wider community as a financial institution, and we are aware of expectations that all our stakeholders have from HBOR as a development and export bank. Besides implementing the guidelines of the Croatian Government, abiding by laws, regulations and professional standards, we joined the Croatian network of UN Global Compact-a (UNGC) in 2007. By signing this agreement, we have obliged ourselves to promote the 10 UN Global Compact Principles in the area of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.


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