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HBOR STRATEGY 2020 - 2024 

Strategic goals for HBOR's operations in the five-year period shall focus on:
  1. Promoting development of equity and quasi-equity market in the Republic of Croatia
  2. Promoting balanced and sustainable economic and social regional, rural and urban development of the Republic of Croatia
  3. Promoting Croatian economy internationalisation and globalisation
  4. Promote economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and competitiveness emphasising innovation, digital transformation and Industry 4.0
  5. Promoting climate and energy neutral economy through energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and environmental protection
Special focus shall be on the support to small and medium-sized enterprises and underdeveloped regions through the use of national sources of finance, and particularly through the use of available EU founds. 2020 - 2024 Business Strategy of the Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development (document)


The Code of Conduct is a collection of ethical norms and behaviour standards that HBOR’s employees are expected to follow in the discharge of their business duties. The Code of Conduct determines HBOR’s main views on legitimate and ethical conduct in the banking industry, by means of which HBOR’s standards are established. The foundations of business ethics are rooted in law-abiding behaviour. Such behaviour includes provision of accurate and transparent information, honest attitude towards competitors, employees and partners as well as focus on social responsibility and sustainable development. ”If a company does not follow ethical rules, it cannot be responsible; therefore, ethical conduct is a precondition for creating a socially responsible business environment”. Considerations and knowledge of business ethics help us deal better with ethical dilemmas we face on a daily basis. In critical situations, a good person can make a bad decision. Business ethics contributes to business success and supports personal development. The purpose of the Code of Conduct is:
  • to avoid situations in which HBOR’s employees would become involved in activities that are considered unethical behaviour or that result in a conflict of interest when they discharge their duties;
  • to define acceptable behaviour for all HBOR’s employees;
  • to set high standards for work and action;
  • to encourage comparison with the best practice in ethics in the banking industry;
  • to ensure a framework for professional conduct and a clear division of responsibility for individual decisions and activities;
  • to establish a framework for conduct and standards that the interested parties can expect from HBOR.
The Code of Conduct applies to all HBOR’s employees regardless of their respective levels of responsibility or positions. Its purpose is to provide guidance on ethical conduct and establish basic values in terms of legitimate and ethical business conduct and behaviour. More...

Corporate Governance Code