HBOR Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund
The Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund (3SIIF) is a dedicated commercial fund targeting essential infrastructure investments in the Three Seas region. The Three Seas Region comprises European Union (EU) Member States in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) which border the Baltic, Adriatic and Black Seas. This region has the most significant requirement for infrastructure investment within the EU. As the fastest growing region in the EU, it offers an attractive combination of comparatively high GDP growth and regional stability. The countries of the Three Seas region comprise Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.   3SIIF targets supply-critical, long-term investments in the transport, energy and digital infrastructure sectors. The Fund focuses on investments in essential infrastructure with significant capital growth requirements, targeting attractive commercial returns. 3SIIF's cornerstone investors include the Three Seas regional development banks, and the Fund is open to both public and private capital. HBOR is one of the investors in the Fund, but it does not participate in the selection of companies into which the Fund will invest. Amber Infrastructure Group is the exclusive investment adviser to the Fund and is responsible for origination, asset management and capital raising services.


Investment in individual project or company amounts to a minimum of EUR 30 million.


The funds are intended for the implementation of projects in the energy, transport and digital infrastructure sectors. 3SIIF makes investment in both projects and companies that own or are developing infrastructure assets and will focus on investments that require significant capital expenditure. The Fund is able to make both minority and majority equity investments as well as investing in joint venture structures. It is able to take construction risk in its investments but not early-stage development risk.


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