HBOR International cooperation

HBOR pays special attention to establishing and maintaining successful relations with international financial institutions, promotional banks, export credit agencies and commercial banks. We actively cooperate with the Croatian Chamber of Economy and the ministries responsible for bilateral and multilateral economic cooperation of the Republic of Croatia.


EAPB (The European Association of Public Banks)

  • EAPB has been the voice of the European public banking sector in relation to EU legislative bodies since 2000. Its members are national and regional promotional banks, municipality funding agencies and public commercial banks that provide financial services and project funding for sustainable economic and social development, promotion of a greener economy, financing of state subsidised housing, health care, education and public infrastructure at national, regional and local levels.

ELTI (European Association of Long-Term Investors)

  • In 2013, HBOR and several other institutions founded ELTI, a wide network of national promotional banks and institutions that, in accordance with the goals and initiatives developed by the European Union, promotes long-term investing with an objective of strengthening sustainable and inclusive growth and job creation.

BACEE (Banking Association for Central and Eastern Europe)

  • The Association was founded in 1996 to promote business relations of its members with financial institutions in Central and Eastern Europe with the mission to facilitate the stability and sustainable development of the financial sector in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe and in the countries of the CIS region as well as to transfer financial know-how, products and solutions to the member banks.


  • The Berne Union is the leading global association of export credit insurers organised with an objective of encouraging international trade through the exchange of experiences and the cooperation of all participants in the export credit business.

NEFI (Network of European Financial Institutions for SMEs)

  • NEFI gathers European financial institutions with an objective of facilitating access to finance for small and medium-sized enterprises.

IDFC (International Development Finance Club)

  • The Club is a worldwide network of national, regional and multilateral development banks, it was established in 2011, since when HBOR has been a member, and its members are dedicated to global development in accordance with the Paris Agreement with the emphasis on mitigation of and adaptation to climate change as well as on infrastructure, social development, poverty reduction and environmental protection.

The China-Central Eastern European Countries (China-CEEC) Inter-Bank Association 

  • The Inter-Bank Association of the People's Republic of China and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe gathers the development banks of Central and Eastern Europe and the China Development Bank (CDB) with an objective of developing cooperation in the area of investment and export.

UNEP-FI (United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative)

  • UNEP-FI is a global partnership of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the financial sector, which connects financial institutions from all over the world by the topics of sustainable finance and global environmental, social and governance challenges.


  • UN Global Compact is a global initiative of the United Nations for sustainable development and corporate sustainability, dedicated to aligning the strategies and actions of the private sector with the universal principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and fight against corruption as well as contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals.


  • Invest Europe is the world's largest professional association that gathers investors in equity and/or venture capital funds and fund managers with an objective of contributing to the development of policies that have an impact on equity investment in Europe.

EVFIN (European Venture Fund Investors Network)

  • EVFIN is an informal platform for dialogue and cooperation that gathers 21 public investors from 19 European countries with an objective of exchanging information and best practices among the members, contributing to the public debate in the European Union and researching measures to create more sustainable venture capital markets in the EU.


  • EIF-NPI Equity Platform is a collaboration initiative launched by the EIF in 2016, which promotes the sharing of knowledge and best practices among the EIF and national promotional institutions (NPIs) or banks (NPBs) across EU Member States. Its goal is to enhance access to funding for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, to support the defragmentation of equity markets and match national, EU and private sources of funding as much as possible. HBOR is one of the founding members of the initiative.

Cooperation with International financial institutions:

Cooperation under regional initiatives

Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund 

The Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund is a dedicated commercial fund targeting main infrastructure investments in the Three Seas Initiative region.