Shipbuilding Industry Split Inc. launched the world’s largest sailing ship with square sails built for the Monaco-based company Star Clippers Ltd. The ship is 162 meters long and 18.5 meters wide. It has a deadweight of 2000 tons, five masts and sails with the overall surface of 6,347 square meters. HBOR recognised the value of this highly sophisticated project and supported Brodosplit by issuing an insurance policy thus taking over the risk of repayment of one part of the loan, while Brodosplit proved its competitiveness in building such a unique ship which includes design, construction and equipping with sophisticated equipment and luxury interior.


“I am grateful for the opportunity to build such a sophisticated ship. There is a lot of equipment in the ship, and I am proud of its design, quality, number of new systems, and efforts of our hardworking shipyard workers. With this project we opened up a new niche: opportunities for constructing cruise ships,” said Tomislav Debeljak, CEO of Brodosplit. He added that the Split shipyard was in pre-contractual phase with a number of global companies.
“I am delighted that HBOR has supported this valuable project and has proven once again that the support of the state development and export bank is essential for the realisation of successful export businesses. Export is the mirror of the national economy, and it is in our best interest to achieve the best results in this area,” said Tamara Perko, MSc, President of the Management Board of HBOR.

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