The European Investment Bank (hereinafter: EIB) is the financing institution of the European Union which grants long-term funds for investment projects. The mission of EIB is to help implement the European Union’s policy objectives by financing sound business projects. In addition to promoting projects of the EU member states, EIB also finances investments in future member states and partner countries that contribute to the strengthening of European integration.

HBOR started its co-operation with EIB in 2001. So far, altogether 14 Finance Contracts have been signed totalling EUR 1.84 billion. By the raised funds, more than 2,600 projects have been financed .

In March 2014, EIB granted to HBOR a loan of EUR 800 million, the largest HBOR’s borrowing so far. The first tranche of the loan in the amount of EUR 400 million was signed on 24 March 2014. Of this amount, EUR 250 million is earmarked for the financing of SMEs in the industry, services, tourism and other eligible sectors, whereas the amount of EUR 150 million is intended for the financing of projects promoted by Mid-Cap companies in the industry, services, tourism and other eligible sectors as well as by public and private companies investing in projects in the knowledge economy, infrastructure and environment sectors.

HBOR extends EIB loan funds either directly or in cooperation with commercial banks within the framework of existing loan programmes. More detailed information can be obtained from your commercial bank or directly from HBOR.