HBOR Croatian Financial Institutions' Day - New Funding Opportunities for the Croatian Economy
Hrvoje Čuvalo, President of the Management Board of HBOR participated in the annual conference of the Croatian Chamber of Economy - Croatian Financial Institutions' Day, entitled Business with the New Currency and Monetary Framework that was held in Zagreb on 24 April.

On this occasion, he held an introductory presentation for the panel entitled New Funding Opportunities for the Croatian Economy. In his presentation, he pointed out that HBOR had become a central institution for the development of equity and quasi-equity market in the Republic of Croatia. He reminded that in the last three years, four new funds had been established - Fil Rouge Capital, Adriatic Structured Equity Fund, Prosperus Growth Fund and Croatian Mezzanine Debt Fund, and that the current size of the funds was more than EUR 250 million. HBOR invested a little less than EUR 39 million in total, which means that the multiplier effect is 6.2 on invested HBOR funds. In conclusion, he pointed out that for the creation of new venture capital funds and their investment in the start-up, growth and development of Croatian companies, the presence of institutional investors such as HBOR and EIF was necessary, and that HBOR would continue to invest significant efforts with the aim of strengthening the development of the equity and quasi-equity market.