Investment Plan for Europe (”The Juncker Plan”) and the European Fund for Strategic Investments 

In order to improve investment and financial environment in the EU area and to create a framework for enhanced investments, the European Commission has initiated the Investment Plan for Europe, known also as ”The Juncker Plan”. This initiative has three areas of activity: 

1. Mobilisation of additional investments in the amount of at least EUR 315 billion over the next three years, by which the effect of public funds will be enhanced and private investments encouraged. 

2. Targeted investments that will ensure that such additional investments meet the needs of the real economy. 

3. Measures for increasing regulatory predictability and eliminating obstacles for investments, thus increasing the attractiveness for investments at the EU level, and consequently, the effect of the Plan.


What is EFSI – the European Fund for Strategic Investments?


The EFSI is one of the key measures of the Juncker Plan initiated by the EIB Group (European Investment Bank – EIB and the European Investment Fund – EIF) and the European Commission to overcome the current investment gap in the EU by mobilising private financing for strategic investments. In the next three years, EFSI intends to encourage investments in the amount of EUR 315 billion. 

Who can submit a request for financing with the EFSI support? 

  • Entities of all size – including utility companies, special purpose entities or design companies, small and medium-sized companies (up to 250 employees) and mid-caps (up to 3,000 employees) 
  • Public sector entities 
  • National development banks or other banks that enable intermediary financing 
  • Funds and all other forms of joint ventures 


What type of projects are eligible for EFSI support?


The EFSI will focus on projects with higher risk than the projects eligible for financing in the customary business operations. Direct financing with the EFSI support is possible exclusively in case of projects exceeding EUR 50 million, whereas the projects of small and medium-sized companies and mid-caps in the total amount of up to EUR 50 million will be considered via intermediary through the EFSI window for small and medium-sized companies. 


Key sectors for investments under the EFSI are:


  • Strategic infrastructure, including digital, transportation and energy infrastructure 
  • Renewable energy resources and energy efficiency 
  • Education and training, research, development and innovations 
  • Environmental and social projects, urban development projects 
  • Support to SMEs and Mid-Caps 


Eligibility conditions of the EFSI projects


  • Commercially justified, economically and technically viable 
  • Contribute to the EU goals, sustainable development and employment 
  • Sufficiently bankable to be eligible for financing 
  • Financing costs determined proportionally to the risk taken 
  • Mobilise private capital 


Role of HBOR


What is the role of HBOR in the Plan implementation?


  • Participating in the financing of infrastructure projects and the projects of small and medium-sized companies of the EFSI via various programmes aimed at promoting the economic growth, 
  • Creating new financial products in accordance with the needs of the Croatian economy, 
  • Identifying economically and technically viable projects in key sectors, especially in innovative, ecologically beneficial and social areas that will be proposed for financing under the EFSI, 
  • Operating as a national access point for potential clients and stakeholders, 
  • Attracting of private entities for investments in combination with public resources, 
  • Establishing the Croatian Investment Project Portal, which includes current and future investment projects in the Republic of Croatia 


Project Application Form – Investment Plan for Europe


Who can be addressed for financing with the EFSI support?


For all details, you can address HBOR by e-mail to:  or by phone: 01 45 91 666
More information can be found at the website of EIB:,
the European Commission: and/or


HBOR in brief


  • More than 52 thousand projects supported with the total amount exceeding HRK 145 billion 
  • More than 80% of projects relate to small and medium-sized companies 
  • Special loan terms and conditions for start-ups, young, women and innovators 
  • Favourable loan terms and conditions for co-financing EU projects, tourism, agriculture and infrastructure 
  • Approval of loans for the preparation of project documentation