IPARD – Measure 101. and 103.

Loan Programme for IPARD Measures 101 and 103 Candidate Projects and other candidate projects in the field of agriculture and fishery co-financed by the EU funds


1. Final Borrowers


  • Natural persons an legal entities (family agricultural holdings within the VAT system, crafts businesses, companies, co-operatives) that belong to the category of micro, small or medium-sized enterprises that are 100% privately owned or up to 25% state-owned, i.e. owned by local and/or regional government units or the City of Zagreb
  • Enterprises with less than 750 employees or the annual turnover less than EUR 200 million with less than 25% of shares owned by the state or local and/or regional government units and the City of Zagreb


Borrowers can be natural persons and legal entities that have entered into a Contract on the Allocation of Funds under the IPARD Programme with the Paying Agency for Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development.


Potential borrowers have the option to apply for a loan to HBOR or commercial bank immediately after submission of tender documents to the Agency for payments in agriculture, fisheries and rural development, and as a proof is delivered copy of the return receipt with the seal of the Agency.


Pursuant to the Conflict of Interest Prevention Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Croatia Nos. 26/11, 12/12, 126/12, 57/15), restrictions are in force on lending to business entities whose ownership interests are owned by public officials and their family members. The provisions of these restrictions are deemed a constituent part of HBOR loan programmes. The full wording of the restrictions can be found at: Restrictions on Lending to State Officials.


2. Purpose of the Loan


Eligible for financing are investments in the manufacturing and processing sectors in accordance with an investment nominated for an individual IPARD measure within the framework of the Ordinance on the Implementation of Measure 101 and the Ordinance on the Implementation of Measure 103 (hereinafter: the Ordinance).


In accordance with the Ordinance, the investments will be financed as follows:


Measure 101-Investments into agricultural products


  • milk sector (dairy cows, dairy sheep, dairy goats)
  • beef sector (fattening of cattle, cow-calf system)
  • pig meat sector (sows, fattening pigs)
  • poultry sector (fattening of chicks, breeding of laying hens, breeding of chicken)
  • egg sector (laying hens)
  • fruits and vegetables sector (excluding mushroom growing)
  • cereals and oil crops sector


Measure 103-Investments in the processing and marketing of agriculture and fishery products


  • milk and dairy sector
  • meet processing sector
  • fisheries sector
  • fruits and vegetables processing sector
  • wine production sector
  • olive sector


Loans within the framework of the Loan Programme are intended for investments in:


I. Fixed assets
  • construction/reconstruction of construction facilities, greenhouses, polythene greenhouses, storing facilities for fruits and vegetables (mushrooms and medicinal herbs included), ULO refrigerators (ULO facilities included)
  • construction and equipment for biogas facilities,
  • machines, equipment, tools and devices
  • hardware and software
  • specialized transportation vehicles for mil and manure
  • new plantation or restructuring of existing plantations of fruits and table grapes
  • reconstruction of existing plantations of grapes wine cultivars
  • reconstruction of existing plantations of olive trees
  • construction and equipment of irrigation systems, systems for the protection against hail and frost
  • equipment for harvesting, sorting, packing and storing of fruits and vegetables
  • cattle and poultry
II. Permanent working capital
  • up to 15% of the loan amount


3. Manner of Implementation


  • via commercial banks
  • direct lending
  • risk-sharing-small and medium enterprises
  • risk-sharing


4. Loan Amount, Disbursement Period and Repayment


Loan amount  

The maximum loan amount is not limited. It depends on HBOR’s financing possibilities, the investment project, necessary investments, the creditworthiness of the borrower as well as the value and quality of collateral offered. The loan amount is determined in accordance with the investment purpose.



Generally, HBOR finances up to 75% of the estimated investment value, VAT not included. In the case of fitting into the state aid regulations in force, it is possible to finance up to 100% of investment amount. HBOR can, in certain cases, consider a possibility of financing the estimated investment value with VAT.


Disbursement period
  • up to 12 months
Grace period
  • up to 2 years
  • up to 5 years for the planting and/or restructuring of perennial crops
Repayment period
  • up to 12 years, grace period included


Loans are granted in HRK or in HRK indexed to foreign currency.


5. Interest Rate


2% p.a  

  • natural persons and legal entities that belong to the category of micro, small or medium-sized enterprises investing in agriculture and/or processing of agricultural products
  • legal entities that belong to the category of large companies investing in agriculture


4% p.a.
  • all other business entities


Depending on the capabilities of the final borrower in obtaining the right to the award of de minimis aid, loan comes with a general interest rate that is determined at least in the amount of reference or by stimulating the interest rate or the effective interest rate below the reference.
Interest rate is variable on the basis of the Decision of HBOR’s Managing Board and pursuant to the criteria of the HBOR’s Decision on Interest Rates and the Interest Calculation Regulations.


6. Loan Application Fee


0.8% one-off, charged on the committed loan amount


7. Commitment Fee


0.25% p.a, charged on the committed and undisbursed loan amount, starting 30 days from the date of the loan contract.


8. Security


HBOR accepts:


  • bills of exchange and debentures
  • pledge of property or fiduciary title on the property with an insurance policy endorsed in favour of HBOR
  • guarantee issued by HAMAG-BICRO within the framework of HAMAG-BICRO Guarantee Programmes
  • other collateral acceptable to HBOR


In case of on-lending via commercial bank, the final borrower negotiates collateral with the commercial bank.


9. Commercial Banks Co-operating with HBOR on the Loan Programme


  1. Addiko Bank d.d., Zagreb (RS SME); (RS)
  2. Croatia banka d.d., Zagreb
  3. Erste & Steiermärkische Bank d.d., Rijeka (RS SME); (RS)
  4. Hrvatska poštanska banka d.d., Zagreb (RS SME); (RS)
  5. Istarska kreditna banka Umag d.d., Umag (RS SME)
  6. Kreditna banka Zagreb d.d., Zagreb
  7. OTP banka Hrvatska d.d., Zadar (RS SME); (RS)
  8. Podravska banka d.d., Koprivnica (RS SME); (RS)
  9. Privredna banka Zagreb d.d., Zagreb (RS SME)
  10. Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d., Zagreb (RS SME); (RS)
  11. Sberbank d.d., Zagreb (RS SME); (RS)
  12. Slatinska banka d.d., Slatina (RS SME); (RS)
  13. Societe Generale-Splitska banka d.d., Split (RS SME)
  14. Štedbanka d.d., Zagreb
  15. Vaba d.d. banka Varaždin, Varaždin
  16. Veneto banka d.d., Zagreb
  17. Zagrebačka banka d.d., Zagreb (RS SME); (RS)


The aforementioned commercial banks have been included into the financing through commercial banks.


Those commercial banks that have been included also into the financing under the risk-sharing model SME are marked by acronym RS SME; those that have been included also into the financing under the risk-sharing model are marked by acronym RS.


More detailed information ralating to this programme can be obtained at:
HBOR, Strossmayerov trg 9, 10000 Zagreb
Phone: +385 1 / 4591-666
E-mail: kreditiranje@hbor.hr