The target group of this programme consists of exporters lacking working capital for the preparation of exports if they cannot offer usual collateral to lenders or if the collateral they offer is not sufficient with regard to loan terms and conditions.
Within the framework of pre-export finance insurance, a bank may request insurance of principal and regular interest of up to 80%.
This product is intended primarily for the exporters of capital goods.





  1. HBOR, the bank and the exporter enter into an insurance contract
  2. The bank grants a pre-export finance facility to the exporter
  3. The exporter exports the manufactured goods to the foreign buyer
  4. The foreign buyer pays to the exporter, the exporter uses these inflows to repay the loan
  5. If the exporter fails to repay the loan owing to the default on the part of the buyer or due to its insolvency, HBOR shall pay indemnity to the bank