Tamara Perko, President of HBOR’s Management Board, has been appointed a member of the Management Board of the European Association of Long-Term Investors (ELTI) that gathers 29 financial institutions with altogether EUR 1.7 trillion worth of assets.


Influence of smaller development banks

Most members of the ELTI Association are national financial institutions, whereas the others are either multilateral, regional or non-banking financial institutions. The appointment of HBOR’s representative to the Management Board strengthens the influence of smaller development banks on the activities of the Association and on the standpoints taken by the Association on behalf of all its members towards the EU bodies. With this appointment, HBOR has gained yet another position as Tamara Perko is also a member of the Administrative Board of the European Association of Public Banks (EAPB) and the President of the Board of Directors of the China-CEEC Inter-Bank Association.


Greater impact on the regulations

Joining the ELTI’s Management Board confirms HBOR’s reputation among the European financial institutions and enables us to have a greater impact on the regulations and to encourage long-term investment financing. In this context, we can promote initiatives that will have a positive impact on the strengthening of competitiveness of European, and particularly Croatian, entrepreneurs,” said Tamara Perko at the appointment ceremony.


The Association was established in 2013 for the purpose of promoting non-profit goals on the international level such as: strengthening of cooperation with the European institutions dealing with long-term finance, developing the concept of long-term investment in the economic and financial sectors, promoting research on long-term investments, reporting to the EU and its institutions on the role and potential of members, enabling access to and exchange of information among the members on EU issues and on national programmes and specific features. HBOR has been a member of the ELTI Association since its foundation.