Development of family farms with HBOR

In addition to our dairy cow farm, we have seven agricultural buildings and facilities for storing hay and machines
Emina Burek
Family Farm

Agricultural production is one of the foundations of the overall economic development of the Republic of Croatia. However, a large part of fertile agricultural land still remains unexploited.


Therefore, HBOR has targeted part of its activities at the loan programmes intended for the promotion and development of agricultural production.


Besides the financing of the preparation of agricultural production, it is also possible to finance investment in fixed assets: equipment, livestock, land, buildings and perennial plants. Farmers are also offered the loan programme for the setting of the funding plan for projects financed from the EU funds.



Continuous development of family farms with HBOR’s funds


In the past five years, the trend of establishing family farms increased significantly in the Republic of Croatia. Small family farms prevail with a share of more than 60 percent in the total number of family farms.


A success story in the development of cattle breeding, small and medium-sized entrepreneurship and utilisation of EU funds is the story of the Emina Burek family farm. With the help of HBOR’s funding, the farm has been expanding its business continuously since 2005 when they invested in the construction of and equipment for a dairy farm. They used another loan to widen the scope of production, expand the farm, construct a silo and purchase additional livestock. In 2010, they invested in the farm and equipment once again, this time using the proceeds of the EU funds and with HBOR’s support for the setting of the project funding plan.


One of the largest milk producers in the Republic of Croatia


Emina Burek family farm is located in the picturesque village of Mostari in the vicinity of Ivanić-Grad. It is among the largest milk producing farms in Croatia. Every of 180 dairy cows produces more than 8,000 litres of milk per year, which is twice the average production. The owner, Emina Burek, who graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture and inherited the family farm from her father said:


As a result of continuous investments, we expanded our farm. Today, in addition to our dairy cow farm, we have seven agricultural buildings and facilities for storing hay and machines. On 180 hectares of land, we grow corn, ryegrass, oat and clover for the feeding of our cattle. We also pay great attention to genetics and increasingly focus on the production of calves and young cattle.