HBOR Private equity funds
HBOR encouraged the establishment of the largest start-up fund and new private equity funds
Alternative ways of funding
How to obtain funds for business growth and development
Private equity is a form of equity investment in companies with active participation in the operations of entity in which the investment was made. Private equity funds aim to improve the operations of companies in which they invest by strengthening management competencies, introducing operational improvements and helping companies to enter new markets.

The private equity market in Croatia has been developing for the last 15 years and becomes an alternative to classic sources of company funding.

However, in spite of significant progress, Croatia lags behind other European countries in this financial industry type, which means that there is a great potential for further growth and development.

HBOR continuously contributes to the development of alternative ways of funding and has been actively promoting the development of alternative funding for entrepreneurs for several years with the support of the European Investment Fund.

Information on the provisions of the Policy for Investments into Equity and Quasi-Equity relating to the ways and conditions of HBOR’s investments into equity and quasi-equity can be found here.

Venture Capital Fund- fund for companies in the earliest stages of development

With the support of HBOR, Fil Rouge Capital was established– venture capital fund investing in companies in the earliest stages of development.

Private Equity funds - funds for companies in a mature phase of development

For companies in a more mature stage of development, through the CROGIP programme, the establishment of three new investment funds was made possible.

Technology Transfer Fund - fund for connecting science with the economy

Together with the Slovene Export and Development Bank (SID) and the European Investment Fund, the first regional platform was created to launch the fund for financing the commercialisation of innovative technological and scientific solutions of university and research institutions.

Guide through private equity funds - how to get money for business growth and development

  • What is the importance of private equity funds?
  • In which way is an investment carried out?
  • What is an advantage of this type of funding?
Answers to these and many other questions, as well as examples of companies that financed their development and the start of their business by investing in private equity funds can be found in the Guide.