Business entities generating at least 10% of operating income from exports offered working capital loans at 0.8% interest and up to 3-year repayment without application processing and commitment fees charged


In order to provide stronger support to exporters through more favourable loan terms and conditions, primarily for finance of current operations and settlement of short-term liabilities, HBOR has introduced new benefits under the “Working Capital” loan programme.


Exporters, defined under this programme as business entities having generated at least 10% of operating income from exports in the last year for which annual financial statements are available, can now finance their working capital at 0.8% interest rate with a repayment period of up to 3 years without loan application fee and commitment fee being charged. Direct lending to exporters is possible for amounts of HRK 10 million or more, whereas, for lower-amount loans, exporters can apply for a loan at the same terms and conditions through 11 commercial banks.


For other entities, the existing terms and conditions of this programme apply: lending at an interest rate of 2% per annum and a repayment period of up to 1 year, or 3.5% and up to 6-year repayment. Loans are approved through commercial banks, and loan applications in the amounts exceeding HRK 37 million can also be submitted directly to HBOR.


Working capital at 0.3% interest for recovery after earthquake

Business entities that need funds for the recovery from the impacts of the earthquake and/or economic development of Sisak-Moslavina County are offered working capital loans at 0.3% interest rate and up to 6 years repayment, without any fees charged for processing loan applications or changing loan terms and conditions. These entities can apply for a working capital loan in excess of EUR 100 thousand directly to HBOR.  Investments in this area are financed by HBOR directly or through commercial banks at an interest rate of 0.8% without the above stated fees charged.


HBOR approved almost 40% of all loans granted to entrepreneurs under the COVID-19 Measures

Under the “Working capital” programme, a temporary COVID-19 Measure is being implemented, which has introduced special conditions for loans to entrepreneurs who have a COVID score. Loans are approved in cooperation with commercial banks under the risk-sharing model, whereas loan amounts exceeding HRK 37 million are approved directly. In addition, loans are also directly approved to exporters and their suppliers as well as business entities that generate income from tourism in the amounts of HRK 1.5 million or more at an interest rate of 0% for the first three years of repayment, or 1.5% in year 4 and year 5 of repayment. These interest rates also apply to HBOR’s share in loans approved in cooperation with commercial banks.


Under the COVID-19 Measures, HBOR has so far approved HRK 2 billion in working capital loans, which is almost 40 percent of the total loans approved by all banks in Croatia to entrepreneurs under the COVID-19 Measures. In addition, in order to encourage banks to lend to entrepreneurs, HBOR has introduced new ways of securing loans and issuing guarantees under the COVID-19 Measures, where it assumes up to 100 percent of the risk of repayment of the approved loans. With HBOR’s insurance, banks have so far approved more than HRK 2.2 billion in loans to entrepreneurs.


Bills of Exchange and Debentures as the only collateral; investment loans at 1.3% interest

For the approval of HBOR’s direct loans, business entities can use guarantees under the Pan-European Guarantee Fund (EGF), owing to which loans can be approved only with bills of exchange and debentures. This benefit can be used for HBOR’s working capital loans and investment loans at an interest rate starting from 1.3 percent.