Loan Programme for the Financing of Youth Entrepreneurship


1. Final Borrowers


Companies, crafts businesses, natural persons performing a freelance work, co-operatives and institutions:


  • in which one or several persons younger than 30 own at least 51% of the capital or the persons in the age group up to 30 years are registered owners
  • the Managing Board of which is chaired by a person not older than 30 years.


Pursuant to the Conflict of Interest Prevention Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Croatia Nos. 26/11, 12/12, 126/12, 57/15), restrictions are in force on lending to business entities whose ownership interests are owned by public officials and their family members. The provisions of these restrictions are deemed a constituent part of HBOR loan programmes. The full wording of the restrictions can be found at: Restrictions on Lending to State Officials.


2. Purpose of Loans


The purpose of loans are investments in:
I. Fixed assets  

Tangible assets


  • Initial funding
  • Land plots, buildings,
  • Equipment and devices,
  • Nucleus breeding unit and planting perennial plants.


Intangible assets


  • development of products or services, patents, licenses, concessions, copyrights, franchises


II. Permanent working capital  

  • up to 30% of the total loan amount




3. Manner of Implementation


  • via commercial banks
  • direct lending


4. Loan Amount, Disbursement Period and Repayment


Loan amount  

  • the minimum loan amount is HRK 80,000.00, and the maximum loan amount is HRK 700,000.00
  • loans are granted in HRK



HBOR can finance up to 100% of the estimated investment value, VAT not included. HBOR can, in certain cases, consider a possibility of financing the estimated investment value with VAT.


Disbursement period  

  • up to 12 months


Grace period  

  • up to 2 years
  • up to 5 years for planting and/or restructuring of perennial crops


Repayment period  

  • up to 12 years, including grace period



5. Interest Rate


2% p.a. except for investments in fisheries (including production, processing and marketing of the fisheries products).


Depending on the capabilities of the final borrower in obtaining the right to the award of de minimis aid, a loan comes with a general interest rate that is determined at least in the amount of a reference or promotional interest rate, i.e. an effective interest rate below the reference.


Interest rate is variable based on the Decision of HBOR’s Managing Board, and pursuant to the criteria of HBOR’s Decision on Interest Rates and the Interest Calculation Regulations.


6. Loan Application Fee


0.8% one off, charged on the committed loan amount


7. Commitment Fee


0.25% p.a., charged on the committed undisbursed loan amount, starting 30 days from the Loan contract date.


8. Security:


HBOR accepts:


  • bills of exchange and debentures
  • pledge of property or transfer of fiduciary title to property supported by property insurance policy in favour of HBOR
  • bank guarantees
  • guarantees issued by HAMAG-BICRO
  • for loans up to HRK 100,000.00, two creditworthy guarantors
  • for loans up to HRK 100,000.00 with HAMAG-BICRO guarantee for 80% of the loan principal, bills of exchange and debentures of the borrower and the owner together with the owner’s consent for the seizure of the salary
  • other customary security in the banking operations


In case loans are on-lent via commercial banks, collateral will be negotiated between the final borrower and the commercial bank.


9. Commercial Bank Co-operating with HBOR on the Loan Programme


  1. Addiko Bank d.d., Zagreb (RS)
  2. Erste & Steiermärkische Bank d.d., Rijeka (RS)
  3. Istarska kreditna banka Umag d.d., Umag
  4. KentBank d.d., Zagreb
  5. OTP banka Hrvatska d.d., Zadar (RS)
  6. Partner banka d.d., Zagreb
  7. Primorska banka d.d., Rijeka
  8. Privredna banka Zagreb d.d., Zagreb
  9. Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d., Zagreb (RS)
  10. Slatinska banka d.d., Slatina (RS)
  11. Societe Generale – Splitska banka d.d., Split
  12. Vaba d.d. banka, Varaždin
  13. Zagrebačka banka d.d., Zagreb (RS)



More detailed information relating to this programme can be obtained at:
HBOR, Strossmayerov trg 9, 10000 Zagreb
Phone: 01 / 45 91 666