Working Capital CRISIS 2022 - Measure

Interest rate: 2.50% for the first three years of repayment Amount of loan:
  • from EUR 200,000 to max EUR 3,000,000.00

Applications received by 30th June 2023


Insurance of loans of up to 90% of principal amount and insurance premium subsidy

In order to ensure easier approval of favourable liquidity loans in cooperation with commercial banks and faster recovery of as many entrepreneurs as possible who are facing difficulties in business due to the negative impact of the consequences of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, new liquidity loan insurance programmes and insurance premium subsidies under these programmes have been introduced as a temporary measure to support the economy of the Republic of Croatia in accordance with the Temporary Crisis Framework of the European Commission.

Insurance of liquidity loans

HBOR launched the programme for the portfolio insurance of liquidity loans for exporters. The programme enables faster and easier approval of new funds for the maintenance of liquidity of exporters and indirect exporters (exporters' suppliers) as HBOR provides insurance of up to 90% of the principal amounts of approved loans included into the portfolio by the banks. For entrepreneurs and loans, to which the model of portfolio insurance of liquidity loans for exporters does not apply, a possibility has been introduced to approve individual insurance of loans.

Premium cost subsidy

Exporters and indirect exporters (exporters' suppliers) who do not have overdue liabilities based on public contributions, as borrowers who are insured under the above-mentioned insurance programmes, can use the option of insurance premium subsidy that partially or entirely covers the insurance premium costs.