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Financial statements of HBOR Group


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Financial statements of HBOR Group are made public in accordance with the following publication calendar:

Reporting periodType of financial statementsDate of final publication
31 March / Q1 financial statementsUnaudited interim31 May
30 June / semi-annual financial statementsAudited interim31 August
30 September / Q3 financial statementsUnaudited interim30 November
31 December / annual financial statementsAudited annual30 April next year after the year that ended on 31 December
AdditionalDecision of the Parliament of the Republic of Croatia on the Approval of the Annual Financial StatementsAfter a decision has been made by the Parliament of the Republic of Croatia

Financial reporting policies of HBOR Group

The Financial Reporting Policies of the Hrvatska banka za obnovu i razvitak Group (hereinafter: HBOR Group or the Group) provide for the financial reporting framework of the Group and determine:

  • Financial statements of HBOR Group,
  • Basis for the preparation of financial statements,
  • Objective and purpose of financial reporting,
  • Principles of financial reporting,
  • Publication of financial statements with publication calendar,
  • Audit of annual financial statements.

HBOR Group is comprised of Hrvatska banka za obnovu i razvitak (hereinafter: HBOR or the parent company) as the parent company and all companies under its control – direct or indirect.



Breakdown of the most significant financial information
In HRK millions – based on audited data

Total assets26,470.627,219.028,075.627,390.825,552.8
Gross loans26,571.126,243.126,333.026,343.124,722.8
Total equity10,274.610,061.110,275.810.042.69,664.6
Total income713.7801.4930.8933.7927.3
Total expense(559.4) (596.7)(768.6)(618.9)(721.0)
Interest income665.9733.1867.8872.0874.0
Interest expense(311.6) (356.1)(390.5)(452.7)(474.5)
Net interest income354.3377.0477.3419.3399.5


In EUR millions – based on audited data
(at the middle exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank as of 31 December of the respective year)

 2019201820172016 2015
Total assets3,556.63,669.53,736.63,624.2 3,346.8
Gross loans
3,570.13,538.03,504.73,485.6 3,238.1
Total equity
1,380.51,356.41,367.61,328.8 1,265.8
Total income
95.9108.0123.9123.5 121.4
Total expense
(75.2) (80.4)(102.3)(81.9) (94.4)
20.727.621.641.6 27.0
Interest income
89.598.8115.5115.4 114.5
Interest expense
(41.9) (48.0)(52.0)(59.9) (62.2)
Net interest income
47.650.863.555.5 52.3

Please note that translated figures are of informative nature only and the result of conversion and therefore could not be considered as confirmed by the auditors.