If you are an exporter faced with the lack of working capital for the production of goods for exports, and you are not able to offer customary loan collateral to your creditor, you can arrange an insurance policy for pre-export financing with HBOR.


Insurance policies can be arranged for exporters – loan beneficiaries that fulfil the following conditions:


  • They are duly registered and operate successfully;
  • They generated income from sale in the foreign market in the period of at least 1 year;
  • They have a concluded and legally valid export contract with a foreign buyer and/or own goods intended for exports on stock;
  • The lender has assessed favourably the exporter’s creditworthiness.


In case of non-payment by the foreign buyer, indemnity is paid to you by HBOR.


What are the advantages of an insurance policy?


  • The exporter provides working capital necessary for the realisation of agreed export transaction;
  • It is possible to insure up to 80% of the receivables based on principal and ordinary contractual interest;
  • The lender is insured against non-performance of obligation under the loan contract;
  • The premium rate depends on credit rating of the exporter – borrower;
  • Waiting period of not more than 3 months is a warranty of the indemnity payment in short term.


Based on preliminary risk assessment, HBOR can provide free of charge and unbinding information on possibilities and terms and conditions on insurance of pre-export financing per individual exporter – borrower.


General Terms and Conditions