Beneficiaries of insurance

Direct beneficiaries of portfolio insurance (the insured) will be banks in the Republic of Croatia operating in accordance with the Act on Credit Institutions and HBOR as lender that will approve new liquidity loans to exporters and their suppliers.


HBOR’s portfolio insurance, as a guarantee for up to 50 percent of the total amount of approved loan, will be available for liquidity loans approved to exporters defined as entrepreneurs from all economic sectors, including the tourism sector, who generated at least 20 percent of their income from exports in the previous business year.

HBOR participates in the preparation of draft amendments to the regulation of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, by which this measure could also be available to indirect exporters, i.e. suppliers of exporters, who have been defined as entrepreneurs registered in the Republic of Croatia having generated at least 40 percent of their business revenues in the past financial year from sales to exporters in accordance with their latest official annual financial statements.


Schedule2-Programme for the Insurance of Exporters’ Liquidity Loan Portfolio-Covid19