HBOR HBOR received the delegation of the Investment and Development Fund of Montenegro (IRFCG)
On 19 January, Mr. Hrvoje Čuvalo, President of the Management Board of the Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development (HBOR), and Mr. Alan Herjavec, Member of the Management Board, received the delegation of the Investment and Development Fund of Montenegro (IRFCG) headed by Ms. Irena Radović, Board Member and Executive Director. In 2012, the two financial institutions signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), on the basis of which IRFCG has approached HBOR for assistance in the form of the transfer of knowledge and experience needed by IRFCG in the coming period.

The President of the Management Board, Mr. Hrvoje Čuvalo, informed the representatives of IRFCG about the key events and challenges that marked the bank's operations in the past two years and highlighted the main programmes by which HBOR contributed to the recovery and development of the Croatian economy. In the working part of the meeting, HBOR's representatives informed the delegation of IRFCG in detail about the requested issues with the possibility of continuing the conversation.

Mr. Čuvalo stressed the importance of membership in international associations such as the European Association of Public Banks (EAPB). This is a strong indicator that HBOR, as a development institution of one of the smaller EU member states, is an important factor in the implementation of European policies.

In 2022, HBOR provided technical assistance to Montenegro through the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs under the project "Drafting a Regulation on Export Credit Insurance Against Non-Market Risks for the Purpose of Harmonising Montenegro with EU Regulations Within the Framework of Montenegro's Accession to the EU", the beneficiaries of which were IRFCG and the Ministry of Finance of Montenegro.