HBOR How to obtain a loan

1. Start from our web page

Select the loan programme which suits you best, depending on whether you need to finance an investment, working capital, require restructuring or investment co-financed out of the EU funds. ADVICE: If you have any doubts, please contact us by e-mail or telephone +385 1 45 91 666

2. Select the manner of application submission

Check whether the selected loan programme is implemented only through commercial banks or directly via HBOR (item 3. Manner of implementation). ADVICE: Loan terms and conditions for you are equal, regardless of whether you apply for an HBOR loan directly or via commercial bank that already has insight into your business operations.

3. Submit the loan application

The application is to be submitted where you arrange a loan:
  1. Via commercial bank - documentation for loan approval, collateral and other loan terms and conditions are agreed upon and submitted to the commercial bank.
  2. Via HBOR – documentation for loan approval is submitted to HBOR and collateral and other loan terms and conditions arranged with HBOR. For investments of up to HRK 700 thousand, it is necessary to enclose the business plan, and for those exceeding HRK 700 thousand the investment study.
ADVICE: For more information on conditions precedent for obtaining the loan proceeds, please contact your commercial bank or HBOR before collecting the loan documentation. The list of necessary documentation can be found at the end of the text on selected loan programme.

4. Assessment of loan application

Loan application is processed after the receipt of entire documentation through financial, technical and legal assessment. The application is processed depending on the place where you arrange your loan:
  1. Via commercial bank – assessment is made by the commercial bank, and HBOR establishes the compliance of loan with the loan terms and conditions as well as with other relevant HBOR documents.
  2. Via HBOR – the assessment is made by expert teams of HBOR
After the receipt of Loan application assessment, proposals are sent to decision-making bodies of HBOR. ADVICE: When the Loan application is assessed, additional information may often be required (information relating to characteristics of business operations, supply market, buyers etc.) and it is necessary that you are constantly in contact with your loan officer so that you may together consider the feasibility and justifiability of the project in the best possible way. During the processing of direct loan application, the representative of HBOR will visit the client/location of investment.

5. Loan application decision

Decision on approval of a direct loan of up to HRK 700 thousand, or the loan application via commercial banks in the amount of up to HRK 3 million is made by the Credit Committee. Decision on approval of a direct loan in the amount exceeding HRK 700 thousand, or a loan application via commercial banks exceeding HRK 3 million is made by the Managing Board of HBOR after the acceptance by the Credit Committee. For loans exceeding HRK 37 million, the consent of the Supervisory Board of HBOR is required. STEPS: In case of a direct loan via HBOR, you will be informed about the approval by the HBOR loan officer who prepares the Loan Contract and other documentation. In case of a loan via commercial bank, HBOR informs the bank on approval and signs the Loan Contract with the bank.

6. Signing of the Contract and fulfilment of conditions precedent

When the decision on loan approval has been made, the Loan Contract is prepared, in which all terms and conditions of approval, disbursement and repayment of the loan will be defined. The Loan Contract, signed and authenticated by the commercial bank / HBOR, will be sent to you for signing or you will sign it personally in the commercial bank’s branch office /HBOR. Before the loan is disbursed, the loan application processing fee has to be paid (the fee may also be paid out of the loan, if so envisaged). ADVICE: Before the disbursement of approved funds, it is necessary to fulfil the conditions precedent (implementation of collateral, share of own funds in the project etc.). For example, if mortgage is provided for by the contract as collateral, the Agreement on the creation of lien has to be notarised with the notary public and the mortgage entered in the land register.

7. Loan disbursement

Loan disbursement is made on the basis of the Request for loan disbursement. Request for loan disbursement has to be accompanied by issued invoices of suppliers/contractors that are together with the Request submitted to:
  1. a) the commercial bank – in case of approval via the commercial bank which approves the loan.
  2. b) HBOR – in case of direct approval. During the loan disbursement, the representatives of HBOR visit the client/investment location.
In accordance with its purpose, the loan is disbursed to the account of supplier/contractor upon the issued invoice. A portion of the loan approved for the financing of working capital is disbursed to your account and you make payments on your own out of these funds. STEPS: 30 days after the disbursement of working capital, it is necessary to submit invoices justifying the amount of disbursed working capital, in accordance with the purpose provided for in the Loan Contract.

8. Loan repayment

After the expiry of the disbursement period, the loan starts to be repaid and the grace period starts to run (if so required). During the grace period, you pay only interest on the disbursed loan funds, according to the agreed dynamics. Upon the expiry of the grace period, the loan repayment period commences in which you repay both the principal and interest. The repayment is made in accordance with the repayment plan that you will receive upon the expiry of the loan disbursement period, or the start of the loan repayment period, respectively.