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Via HBOR loan we made a step forward for additional extension of our business and new employment
Denis Loncar
Velebit aktivnosti
The trend of establishing small start-up companies, i.e. micro companies (up to 9 employees), is rising constantly. The joining of the European Union and the swift development of technology facilitate the entering of markets, and start-up companies promote new ideas and generate added value in the economy.

One of the most important factors for every new start-up company is the initial funding, and access to funding is at the same time one of the most common obstacles encountered. Therefore, HBOR promotes the development of start-up companies by offering favourable terms and conditions of finance. Loans are approved either directly or through commercial banks at an interest rate of 2% and with repayment terms of up to 12 years.

Velebit aktivnosti j.d.o.o.

The company “Velebit aktivnosti” for services and tourist agency was founded in 2015 in Otočac with a view to providing various adventure events to guests. This is the first tourist agency that started with the inbound tourism in the area of Otočac, i.e. Gacka Valley and Northern Velebit by creating offers that include outdoor activities and adventures.

As socially responsible company, they support local community, local family farms and entrepreneurs along tourist routes with continuous care about environmental protection.

Given the exceptional outdoor tourism and adventure possibilities and the demand itself, the company bought 12 bicycles and 12 kayaks out of its own funds. Along with the cycling, kayaking and bird-watching, the company bought 5 new quadricycles with supporting equipment through HBOR loan funds, by which it additionally extended the active tourism offer.

„We are engaged not only in renting kayaks and bicycles, but we are now a real tourist agency bringing tourists to the area of Otočac and Gacka. Via HBOR loan we made a step forward for additional extension of our business and new employment to the benefit of the entire Gacka region. We wish to repay the loan as soon as possible, and after that we would like to take a new HBOR loan for further extension of business and strengthening of tourist offer of Gacka“ – concludes the owner Denis Lončar.