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Private Equity Funds

HBOR encouraged the establishment of the largest start-up fund and new private equity funds
Alternative ways of funding
How to obtain funds for business growth and development
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Working Capital for Rural Development

Interest rate: 0.5 %, no fees charged
Collateral requirement: debentures
Intended for farmers, food processing entities and entities in the forestry industry
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NRRP - Favourable Loans for Investments

Interest rates from 0.4 percent or interest rate subsidy of up to 75 percent
Green and digital investments, special areas, commercialisation of RDI-based projects
Investments in competitiveness and resilience
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Ukraine Measures

Favourable liquidity loans and insurance policies as collateral for loans with premium subsidies
Loans for financing current operations
Interest rates as low as 2.50%, up to 90% of loan repayment risk covered.
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