Solving the unsolvable

HBOR’s loans gave us the boost we needed to continue solving the unsolvable
D.Sc. Erden Radončić, doctor of medicine, and D.Sc. Patrik Stanić, engineer of molecular biology
Repromed polyclinic for gynaecology and reproductive medicine
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We do what we like to do

"Dobro Drvo“ is a kindergarten fit for children, fit for children, parents and employees.
Ana Stefanec and Snježana Puncikar
"Dobro drvo"
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Growing together

HBOR is an excellent example of a partner who understands the complex nature of export transactions and associated risks
M.Sc. Gordana Kovačević, President
Ericsson Nikola Tesla
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Investments as main driving force

We believe that our exceptionally successful cooperation with HBOR so far will be continued in our future investments
Management Board
Valamar Riviera
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Innovative ideas

Continued research of efficiency of natural ingredients and application of results is a precondition for our success
Srećko Gross
Magdis d.o.o.
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EUR 10.6 billion from ESI funds

Through our special loan programmes for completing the finance plan we promote the use of these proceeds
Hrvatska banka za obnovu i razvitak
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Development of family farms with HBOR

In addition to our dairy cow farm, we have seven agricultural buildings and facilities for storing hay and machines
Emina Burek
Family Farm
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Focus on projects with higher risk

Improvement of investment and financial environment in the EU
Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development
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