New Liquidity Loans

Entrepreneurs are offered favourable HBOR's funds for financing their liquidity needs that are approved in cooperation with commercial banks or directly to entrepreneurs in certain activities.

Working Capital COVID-19 Measure

Interest rate: 0% on HBOR's share in the loan for the first three years of repayment Manner of approval and amount of loan:
  • through 15 commercial banks under the risk-sharing model - generally, HBOR's share in the loan cannot be lower than HRK 1 million
  • directly for loans exceeding HRK 1,5 million (exporters and entities operating in tourism industry) or HRK 37 million (other activities)

Working Capital through Framework Loans to Banks

Interest rate: reduced by 0.60 p.p. compared to the regular interest rate Manner of approval: through 6 commercial banks Amount of loan: minimum loan amount is not determined, maximum loan amount equals HRK 35 million read more... 

Working Capital through Framework Loans to Banks with HAMAG-BICRO guarantees

Interest rate: up to 2% Manner of approval: through 6 commercial banks Amount of loan: from EUR 187.5 thousand to EUR 2 million read more...

Working Capital for Rural Development

Interest rate: 0.5% Manner of approval: direct lending Amount of loan: from HRK 190 thousand to HRK 1.52 million read more...

Loan Insurance and Guarantee of up to 90% of Loan Principal Amount

In order to facilitate the approval of favourable liquidity loans in cooperation with commercial banks and accelerate the recovery of as many as possible entrepreneurs adversely affected by the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, new manners of providing insurance and issuing guarantees have been introduced.

Insurance of Liquidity Loans

HBOR has launched the loan portfolio insurance programme for exporters' liquidity. This programme facilitates and accelerates the granting of new funds for maintaining the liquidity of exporters and indirect exporters as HBOR insures up to 90% of the amount of principal of approved loans included by the banks into the portfolio. For entrepreneurs and loans to which loan portfolio insurance programme for exporters' liquidity cannot apply, the possibility of approving individual loan insurance has been introduced.

Premium Cost Subsidy

Exporters and indirect exporters, who have not reduced the number of employees by more than 20% (large entrepreneurs) or by more than 50% (small and medium-sized entrepreneurs) in the period from 31 March 2020 to the last day in the month preceding the application submission date and who have no overdue liabilities with respect to public dues, can make use of the insurance premium subsidy covering the entire premium cost.

Guarantees for Entrepreneurs in the Maritime, Transport and Related Sectors

Entrepreneurs active in the Maritime, Transport, Transport Infrastructure and Related Sectors can make use of the liquidity loan guarantees.

Moratorium on Existing Obligations

HBOR has made it possible for its clients who have been granted a direct loan to make use of a moratorium in duration of 7 to up to 16 months:
  • up to 7 months, i.e. until 30 September 2020 - for all clients,
  • up to 10 months, i.e. until 31 December 2020 - for all clients who have a positive COVID score in accordance with the methodology of FINA (or who prove a decline in income in another way),
  • up to 16 months, i.e. until 30 June 2021 - for all clients active in tourism industry.
Borrowers who have been approved a loan under HBOR's loan programmes through a commercial bank submit a moratorium request to the commercial bank through which the respective loan has been approved. HBOR is willing to support any moratorium request submitted by clients who have been approved a loan under HBOR's loan programmes through a commercial bank or under the risk-sharing model.

Rescheduling of Loan Obligations

Borrowers of HBOR's loans are able to reschedule existing loan obligations by introducing a grace period in the repayment of loan principal. Rescheduling of obligations shall be agreed with each client individually in accordance with the client's repayment potential.

All borrowers of HBOR's loans have access to this measure regardless of whether a loan has been approved directly or through a commercial bank.

Rescheduling requests are submitted by clients to a commercial bank or to HBOR depending on the manner of approval of the existing loan.