If you are an exporter of capital goods and/or services whose commercial bank grants a loan to the foreign buyer for the purchase of your goods and services, you can enter into an insurance contract with HBOR that provides coverage for the collection of export receivables.


Insurance policies are most often used in the cases where the foreign buyer requests deferral of payment or a loan as the main condition for closing the deal, which is usual in the case of exports of capital goods, high value equipment, construction works, etc.


What are the advantages of an insurance policy?


  • You can insure up to 90% of the amount of receivables per foreign buyer;
  • You are insured against non-payment resulting from non-market commercial and political risks;
  • Rights arising from the insurance policy can be transferred by endorsement to the commercial bank for the purpose of securing the repayment of the loan used to finance the export transaction.


General Terms and Conditions

Application for Supplier Credit Insurance_v01.2017